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Group size 10                                               Start  Lviv

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    All about the CYCLING TOUR UKRAINE 10 DAYS.

    Learn traditions and customs of the Ukrainian Carpathians! During this tour you will visit the most picturesque villages and cities of Transcarpathia region, learn about the  culture of various ethnocultural groups which inhabit the Carpathian Mountains among which are Lemky, Hutsuls, Boyky marvel at amazing nature of, see wooden churches in Kostryna and Uzhok, castles in Nesvizh, Mukachevo and Uzhgorod,museum of folk instruments in Verkhovyna, craft centre in Kossiv, museum of Easter Egg in Kolomyia and much more. Welcome to the Carpathians – the land which will stay in you heart forever!


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 9  x nights:  1 x Lviv, 1  x Kostryna, 2 x  near Uzhhorod, 1 x  near Mukachevo, 1 x Khust,  1 x Verkhovyna, 1 x Kossiv, 1 x Kolomyya in family run hotels or pensions with private facilities.
    • All-route English-speaking guide.
    • Meals: FB (breakfast, dinner and luch packets).
    • All transfer including supporting vehicle..
    • Guided tours in English in: Lviv, Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Khust, Kolomyya.
    • Entrance+guided  tour: religious buildings,  castle in Uzhhgorod, Palanok  castle in Mukachevo, Museum of Hutsul folk music instruments in Verkhovyna, Museum of Easter eggs in Kolomyya.
    • Other highlights: Opera House and Armenian church in Lviv, Boyko’s wooden church in Uzhok, wooden church Kostryna, castle in Nevyz’ke, church of 12th century in Goryany, Rakoczi’s residence in Mukachevo, St. Josef’s Chapel  in Mukachevo, Calvinist church in Khust, weave craft in Iza, cheesy-diary and tasting in Nyzhnye Selyshche, wooden church in Danylovo, Kreinykovo und Sokyrnyzya, geographical center of Europe in Dilove, craft market in Kossiv.
    • Bike rental + helmets.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Visa Fee
    • Travel Insurance
    • Flights
    • Single Supplement
    • Any meals not mentioned
    • Any transfers not mentioned (e.g. first and last day)
    • Any expenses of a personal nature
    • Camera/video permits
    • Tips to the guide and driver
    1. Day 1 Arrival in Lviv

      You arrive in Lviv – the biggest city of Western Ukraine and cultural capital of the country. After a check-in we make our first acquaintance with this impressive city. With our city guide we embark on an exciting tour of the city center. The city has a rich and eventful history as different nations made their contribution to the development of the city. This obviously imparted the city with wide cultural diversity. The whole city center belongs to UNESCO World Heritage list. During our guided tour we explore the diversity of architectural styles of Lviv churches and courtyards, visit Armenian and Jewish quarters, Rynok Square and famous Opera House.


    2. Day 2 To Carpathians

      Today we reach Carpathians by train. We are now in an ethnographic and very interesting from the historical perspective region – the so-called country triangle Ukraine-Poland-Slovakia. At the railway station of Syanki we are picked up and then we get on our bikes and take on the first stage of our trip. At first we go steeply up till we reach Uzhkopass. Then we go easily down through Uzhansky National park. In the village Uzhok we visit three-part Boyko wooden church built in 1745 which is now on UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. Our today’s destination is the village Kostryna. Mileage – 38 km.

    3. Day 3 Through Uzh valley

      Today we have a very picturesque destination ahead of us. We ride along Uzh through beautiful mountainous valleys. In the morning we visit in Kostryna 300-year-old wooden church. The village itself is also very interesting. The inhabitants here are mainly Lemky – representatives of a mountain community with very interesting traditions and even more tragic history behind. Not far from Uzhhorod we also visit a castle in Nevyz’ke. In the evening we stay overnight near Uzhgorod. Mileage – 60 km.


    4. Day 4 The city on Uzh

      Afterwards we head for Uzhgorod – the center of Transcarpathian region. The city got its name from river Uzh on which it is situated. We walk along the banks of the river and along the longest linden alley in Europe. Particularly interesting is cubistic quarter of Czech legacy. From there we walk to Uzhgorod castle whose history dates back to 9th century. The cycleway offers us a lot of worth seeing. In the suburbs of Uzhhorod Gorjany we visit the church founded in 12th century. Mileage – 30 km.

    5. Day 5 Visiting Rakoczi family

      In the morning we head on to Mukachewo. Once we are not far from Mukachevo we pay a visit to Palanok castle. Situated on 68-meter high volcanic hill, the castle is visible from all parts of the city. The castle dates back to 13th century and for a long time it belonged to Rakoczi family. This proud castle comprises 130 rooms and serves as museum nowadays. After visiting this impressive castle we take a walk around the city center and explore its magnificent churches and houses of Hungarian time. Austro-Hungarian past of the city can be felt everywhere whether it is the city hall in Art Nouveau on the market square the white residence of Rakoczi family or the chapel of Saint Josef. Mileage – 55 km.

    6. Day 6 Carpathian villages

      Right after breakfast our bus brings us to Khust. Here we make an-hour walk and visit Calvinist church – a landmark of the city. Finally we get on our bikes and ride along the neighbouring villages. Iza village is famous for its weave craft. In Nyzhnye Selyshche we pay a visit to the local cheesy-diary and taste some cheese with a sip of wine. In the villages Danylowo, Krein-ykowo und Sokyrnytsya we visit century-old churches in the so-called Maramor gothics style. Mileage – 50 km.

    7. Day 7 The geographical center of Europe

      Today we go by bus to ecologically precious flood plain of Tisza. The road runs along the mountains and provides astonishing landscapes. In Dilove village is the top where we can make some pictures of a geographical
      center of Europe. The bus brings us to Yablunetsky Pass and from here we cycle to Verkhovyna. Now we are in the middle of Hutsuls’ land, a local community here in Carpathians.We also visit a museum of folk music instruments. Mileage – 57km.


    8. Day 8 Hutsuls’ craft in Kossiv

      After a short walk in the morning we leave Verkhovyna and cycle to the neighbouring village Kryvorivnya. Here we visit one of the last traditional Hutsul fortification yards with its houses for living and for work surrounded by defensive fence. Then we go to Kossiv – the center of Hutsul craft, Bukovets. Among others the place is famous for its craft market. We enjoy our meal in Hutsul kolyba – wooden mountain hut with charcoal grill in the middle for some gastronomy reasons. We spend our evening in Kossiv. Mileage – 43 km.

    9. Day 9 Kolomyya and Easter Eggs museum

      We leave Carpathians. Our next destination is Kolomyya, the road goes down so we can easily enjoy the landscapes and enchanting villages. Here in Kolomyya we visit the museum of Easter eggs (Pysanka Museum). The art of painting Easter eggs has a centuries-long tradition in Ukraine. In the Western Ukraine people have carefully preserved this tradition and Hutsuls (mountain tribes near Kolomya) have brought this tradition to a new level.
      Besides, painted eggs are popular souvenirs from Ukraine. Mileage – 42 km.


    10. Day 10 Departure

      Today our program comes to an end. After breakfast in a hotel you make your way home. We take you from the hotel in Kolomyya to the airport. You have spent your time intensively and eventfully explored this country. You take with you unforgettable impressions and ex-traordinary experiences. We always welcome you here again!

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