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    During this trip, you will get acquainted  with local people, learn their traditions  and crafts, listen and try to sing songs which were passed down through generations, and, of course, dance both  traditional Ukrainian dances such as Hopak and Polka and so well know ones as Salsa. You will be welcomed at the theatrized Hutsul (Ukrainian highlanders) wedding and  take part in the traditional wedding merrymaking ! The pristine nature of mountainous Carpathian region will give this trip a special flavour and will allow you to enjoy not only the  age-old Ukrainian traditions but also to marvel at its spectacular nature. Welcome to Ukraine!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 6 x nights: 2 x Lviv, 4 x Yaremche
    • All-route Engl.-speak. guide or other lang. on request.
    • Meals: HB.
    • Transfers by a modern coach.
    • City tours: Lviv, Galych, Ivano-Frankivsk.
    • Entrance + guided tour: all religious buildings according to the itinerary; Lviv Opera House, Shevshenkivskyi Grove; Galych castle, museum of Karaite culture;  Probiy Waterfall in Yaremche, souvenir market in Yaremche, ski lift to Bukovel Mountain; ethnographic museum in Verkhovyna, Hutsul Grazhda in Kryvorivnia; Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia.
    • Workshops and musical entertainment: Latin American dances at Rynok Square,  he traditional Ukrainian cakes workshop in Shevshenkivskyi Grove, Hopak and Polka dances; local folk dances in the Carpathian Mountains, Hutsul merrymaking, theatrized Hutsul wedding; Easter eggs decoration workshop; Haivky dances.
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    • Any meals not mentioned
    • Any transfers not mentioned (e.g. first and last day)
    • Any expenses of a personal nature
    • Camera/video permits
    • Tips to the guide and driver
    1. Day 1

      We  begin  our acquaintance  with Western Ukraine  in Lviv, the cultural capital of Ukraine and the  capital of Galicia, once a small kingdom that currently straddles the border between Poland and Ukraine. After a short break, we start discovering this amazing and fabulous city of Lviv. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lviv is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. While exploring the city on foot, we will have a chance to experience its rich versatility of architectural styles embodied in the historical churches and houses. After a very intense day, you will have a possibility to immerse into the world of Latin American dance. Each summer evening Rynok Square gathers all Salsa lovers of Lviv who create an ardent fiesta near the monument  of the goddess of hunting and moon – Diana and let the whole historical center of the city immerse in the atmosphere of the festival.


    2. Day 2

      Yesterday you made your first acquaintances with Lviv and its city center. Today you will discover the other unique places in this old city and go on a big city tour. You will scramble up a hill to the High Castle where from magnificent view opens over the city. You will also visit the St. George Cathedral – marvelous architectural ensemble, which will amaze you with its richness and diversity of iconography. Not only should you look around
      the city, but also feel its atmosphere with each single step, inhale it from the stones of old buildings, from the picturesque alleys inviting you to saunter around, from the shabby old romantic benches in the park, spontaneous chess sets on the alley in front of the Opera House, in the atmosphere of numerous coffee houses. After short acquaintance with the city, we visit Shevshenkivskyi Grove – one of the most famous museums of Lviv, popular recreation zone both citizens and guests of Lviv. There you will get acquainted with rural architectural styles of different regions of Ukraine from different centuries. Buildings on the territory of Shevchenkivskyi Grove amaze not only with their appearance but also by
      their unique interior decoration. The smallest details of each house, church, work shop and commercial were carefully recreated and give the possibility to see how really looked traditional Ukrainian houses from 18th -19th. Inside you may see wooden benches, tables and other simple furniture, ovens from the previous centuries, icons on the walls, homeware (wooden buckets, clay pots, wicker baskets, etc.), spinning, scarves, towels, embroidered shirts and soon. In the oil pressing plant still remain two presses for the production of oil. In the school from 19th c, you will face the rural class of that period with a special desk for careless pupils whose teacher punished them with rods. The total number of household items and folk art, exhibited at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life is impressive – about twenty thousand! One more particular feature of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life “Shevchenkivskyi Grove” is that here you can not only see the exact reproductions of the exterior and interior of traditional Ukrainian houses, religious buildings, wooden bridges, wells, barns, stables, fences etc., but also learn traditional Ukrainian crafts. Today we try to bake in the oven traditional Ukrainian cakes and see how to press oil. In the evening, we try to learn traditional Ukrainian dances Hopak and Polka.


    3. Day 3

      Today we leave Lviv and start our way to the town of Galych – eponymous for the entire region of Galicia, which is now in western Ukraine and in eastern Poland. In the afternoon, we will arrive in Galych. Now it’s just a small town at the Dnister banks. But Galych remembers that it was him who gave its name to the  historic province and kingdom of Galicia, of which it was the capital until the early 14th century, when the seat of the local princes was moved to Lviv.  Ancient Halych witnessed the reign of Yaroslav Osmomysl, king Danylo of Halych, the Batu-Khan invasion, prolonged period under Polish kings, raids by Turks and the Golden Horde. One of the main historical monument in the town is the beautiful church dedicated to the Nativity of Mary. You will visit the ruins of Galych castle and the museum of Karaite culture. The Crimean Karaites or Krymkaraylar is a unique ethnic group derived from Turkic-speaking adherents of Karaism, whose culture and way of life is close to the Tatars. Their creed is the heresy of orthodox Judaism, based on the Old Testament. Around noon we reach Ivano-Frankivsk – the former Stanislav. Today, the town is named after a famous Ukrainian poet, thinker, translator and writer Ivan Franko. There we will have a short excursion around the city during which you will learn about rich history and traditions of the biggest city of Subcarpathia region. From Ivano-Frankivsk we start to Yaremche – one of the most famous resorts of Subcarpathia region. There among other things we will see beautiful Probiy Waterfall. After short rest in a hotel in Yaremche, for us awaits an acquaintance with traditional Ukrainian traadic musicians. We will learn their history, listen to Hutsul melodies, try to learn how to play on cymbals, tambourine and will be treated with traditional Hutsul liqeurs. You will learn authentic Carpathian songs, hear the music of the mountains, see rich and versatile rites of Hutsul land.

    4. Day 4

      This day we will continue our acquaintance with unique highland ethnos – Hutsuls. Along the way we can stop by the souvenir market in Yaremche, full of ornate carvings, ceramics, embroidery and other different antiques.
      In a local inn, we will taste delicious specialties of the region. Then our way goes through the territory of the Carpathian National Park, where in the local primeval forests reside numerous species of animals and birds. From Bukovel Mountain on which we will get on the ski lift, you will have a possibility to marvel at the magnificent beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. In the evening, for us awaits Hutsul merrymaking. In order to understand Hutsul traditions, their temper, you must take part in Hutsul celebration on which you will learn songs about mountains – Kolomyiki, dance Hutsulka, Resheto and Holubka – traditional dances of this Ukrainian highlanders, undergo the consecration into Hutsul and of course dance, dance, and dance to the accompaniment of passionate Hutsul music!

    5. Day 5

      In the Hutsul village of Verkhovyna you will visit the ethnographic museum with a remarkable collection of ancient clothing, household items and handicrafts of the Hutsuls. The owners of museum will proudly present their collection of indigenous musical instrument and of course gladly sing for you folk songs in the accompaniment of cymbals and other musical instruments. You will also have a possibility take a picture in the traditional Hutsul clothes. Our next stop is located in Kryvorivnia Hutsul Grazhda – a typical dwelling of Hutsul, which with its shape reminds a small fort –  closed courtyard, which consists of a house and cultivated household spaces. On the entrance is located a gate that is closed for a night. The Grazhda was well secured, mainly from predators and strong winds. In 1964, the Armenian director Sergei Parajanov filmed movie “Fire Horse”  exactly at this location. Now the house has become a tourist facility. Here in Kryvorivnia we will also see a typical Hutsul church. After lunch for us awaits a theatrized Hutsul wedding where bride and groom (king and queen), their parents ,best men and guests wear traditional Hutsul clothes. You will try authentic wedding dishes and take part in all wedding traditions among which are dressing of King and Queen, decoration of the wedding tree, invitation and meeting of guests and of course traditional Hutsul wedding merrymaking. If you would like during this theatrized wedding you can try yourself in the role of Queen or King or best man. Nobody will be left intact by the powerful energy of Hutsul music, variety of colours and richness of wedding clothes, the taste of Hutsul dishes and the atmosphere of Hutsul wedding. In the evening, we come back to Yaremche where we stay overnight.



    6. Day 6


      Today from Yaremche we go to Kolomyia cultural center of Pokuttia region. There you visit the museum of Easter Eggs (Pysanka Museum).The art of painting Easter eggs has a centuries-long tradition in Ukraine. In the
      museum, you will have a possibility to learn how to paint Eastern Eggs and will learn aboutabout the variety of styles and traditions of their painting in the different areas of Ukraine. In the Western Ukraine, people have
      carefully preserved this tradition and Hutsuls have brought it to a completely new level. Besides, painted eggs are popular souvenirs from Ukraine. After lunch, you will be warmly welcomed to dance traditional Easter dance – Haivky.


    7. Day 7

      After lunch, we leave the Carpathians and come back to Lviv. Shortly after breakfast we leave Kolomyia and drive to Lviv Airport from which you will fly back home. You take with you unforgettable impressions and a feeling that you have experienced something special. You have spent your time in Ukraine very intensively and eventfully, learnt about its culture, traditions and nature. We hope we have managed to persuade you to come here once more in the future as here you always welcome!


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