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    All about the UKRAINE ACTIVE TOUR 10 DAYS.

    If you can’t imagine life without active leisure, then our trips are designed especially for you! With us you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of picturesque Ukraine with its unique culture and endless contrasts. CHallenge your vigor and strength in nature at its wilderness: in the rugged mountain areas or in the verdant lowlands. Get acquainted with local people: their towns, villages and cities. You will take home with you unforgettable emotions and the feeling of having experienced something really special!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 9 x nights: 4 x Kyiv, 3 x Lviv, 2 x Slavsk
    • All-route English-speaking guide or other languages on request.
    • Transfer by modern coach throughout the whole trip.
    • Meals: FB.
    • City tours in English: Kyiv, Lviv, Galych.
    • Entrance+guided tour: all sacral buildings according to the itinerary; Kyiv: open-air museum “Pyrogovo”,  me- morial to the victims of Holodomor (Famine) Cave Monastery (Pecherska Lavra), museum of Scythian treasures, Saint Sophia Cathedral, river cruise; Chornobyl: Chornobyl  Nuclear Power Station, Prypiat, Duga army radar station,Chornobyl Docks; Lviv: Opera House, Rynok Square, Armenian and Jewish quarters, optional visit to the Opera House, climbing and bow shooting near Lviv; Slavsk: jeeping, cable way to Zahar Berkut mountain, folk concert; Goshiv Monastery; Dolyna: museum of Boyko culture; Galych: Nativity of Mary Church, ruins of Galych castle, Museum of Karaite culture.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Visa Fee
    • Travel Insurance
    • Flights
    • Single Supplement
    • Any meals not mentioned
    • Any transfers not mentioned (e.g. first and last day)
    • Any expenses of a personal nature
    • Camera/video permits
    • Tips to the guide and driver
    1. Day 1

      Your plane lands in Kyiv the capital of Ukraine and the city you will fall in love with at once. Situated on the banks of the Dnipro River, the city of Golden Domes is famous as one of the greenest cities in the world. During our tour you will closely get acquainted with its history and contemporary life, get to know new people and feel the special atmosphere of the city which throughout its whole history has fought for its freedom. After the usual formalities, you will be warmly welcomed by our guide, who will accompany you during the whole your trip. Then the bus takes us to the hotel. After check in and lunch you will enjoy your free time during which you can relax at the hotel or go to the first walk around the capital of Ukraine. In the evening, you will relish your dinner and share your expectations about the trip.

    2. Day 2

      The history of the capital of once the most powerful East European state, covers the period of 1500 years. Today you can still enjoy the view of the densely forested Dnipro banks. During our sightseeing tour you will visit Podil, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Kyiv, the one of the pages of a tragic Ukrainian history. After that, weather-permitting, we will take a one-hour river cruise along the Dnipro River. In the evening, you will enjoy your dinner. place from which has originated city’s trade, commerce  and which is actually the placewhere centuries ago three brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv laid a foundation stone of the city of Golden Domes; Then for us awaits the most famous example of Kyiv sacred life – built in the 11th century and currently the World Heritage site St. Sophia Cathedral which is the world-renown masterpiece of architecture and fresco painting, and the place where found their last rest kings of Kyiv Rus. During our sightseeing tour you will walk around the government quarter, stroll along the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk – the main street of Kyiv, the witnesses of recent notorious events on Euromaidan.

    3. Day 3

      Morning – visit the absolute highlight of Kyiv sacral life – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the part of UNESCO World Heritage List which is also known as Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. The monastery complex dates back to 1051 and is the preeminent centre of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. On its territory is situated the museum of Scythian treasures where we will get acquainted with traditions of tribes which lived here centuries ago. In addition, we also touch upon the tragic part of the history of Ukraine. The memorial to the victims of Holodomor (Famine) in 1932-33 which is a tragic symbol of the Soviet totalitarian regime will open to you one of the pages of a tragic Ukrainian history. After that, weather-permitting, we will take a one-hour river cruise along the Dnipro River. In the evening, you will enjoy your dinner.

    4. Day 4

      Free day or optional trip to the notorious Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station during which you will visit ghost town Prypiat, Duga which is gigantic Soviet army radar station, see what is left from Red Forest – 10-square-kilometre area surrounding the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station which owes its name to the ginger-brown colour pine trees that died following the absorption of high radiation levels from the Chornobyl accident, explore forsaken Chornobyl Docks and ,of course, approach mysterious Reactor Number 4. There you will also have an absolutely safe dinner. In the evening you will have free time during which you will have a possibility to stroll along magnificent Kyiv streets on your own.

    5. Day 5

      Today you will visit the European largest museum under the sky, ‘Pyrogowo’, constructed to resemble the cossack 17th-18th c village. Cossacks, legendary forebears of Ukrainians, warriors which were admired at courts of Poland and France, famous for their rich cultural traditions and war skills, are the part of the glorious history of Ukraine and today you will have a possibility to get acquainted with the way of their life. Around 300 buildings (churches, factories, farm houses, windmills, etc.) demonstrate the life in the Ukrainian countryside interspersed with the Cossacks traditions and elements of their daily life. Side by side with the displays you will find the genuine works of folk architecture built of wood, brought here from different regions of Ukraine. Here you will taste a traditional Ukrainian cuisine. At 17.00 we take a train to the largest city of Western Ukraine – Lviv.

    6. Day 6

      With our city guide, you take a walking tour around the city centre of Lviv. Rarely can some city offer such a diversity of cultures on such a small territory. Lviv has a rich history and numerous outstanding people have contributed to its development. The whole city centre of Lviv belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List and during our guided tour you not only explore the diversity of architectural styles of Lviv churches and courtyards, visit  Armenian  and Jewish  quarters, Rynok  Square and famous  Opera House but also  immerse in the unique atmosphere which can be felt in the stones of ancient buildings, in the narrow streets, spontaneous games of chess in the avenue in front of  the Opera House and in the ambiance of the numerous coffee houses. This tour will allow you to see the full mosaic picture of the past and present of this once the fourth largest city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and at the same time get acquainted more closely with Christianity traditions of Lviv and  the whole Ukraine. Ukraine and especially West Ukraine, including Lviv, is known for the diversity of the Christian faith as here are represented Roman Catholic, will visit Lychakiv Cemetery – one of the oldest necropolises in Europe. Here you will find out more about the distinguished personalities who were writing the history of the city. In the evening, optionally you can attend a concert at the Opera House.

    7. Day 7

      Not only among travellers, but also among the people with “urban” occupations climbing is very popular. This active form of recreation is one of the most harmonious sports as it is accessible and developed for everyone regardless of age and physical fitness. Thus, we drive to a forest which is located not far from Lviv where you can try yourself in this type of activity. The climbing routes are designed for both beginners and for advanced climbers. In order for you to make this day even more exciting, we decided to combine climbing with other activities including shooting from bow and crossbow. For lunch we enjoy traditional Ukrainian speciality- Kulish – a millet, which is cooked on an open fire according to the traditional recipes. In late afternoon we set off to Slavsk, a town in the Carpathians. For the dinner we enjoy a traditional Ukrainian cuisine and folklore concert.

    8. Day 8

      Today you for you awaits a very exciting adventure when jeeping in Slavsk! The quiet walk in a forest sounds  all right, but a jeep tour through the mountainous terrain in the Carpathian Mountains with its winding paths will definitely leave no one indifferent. Your comfort and driving safety are ensured during the entire route by an experienced technical team. Today we will have our lunch in a classical Ukrainian farmstead from the 19th century where we will enjoy the traditional Ukrainian cuisine. After lunch, a cable-way to Zakhar Berkut mountain will take us to the top of the mountain so that we can enjoy a picturesque Carpathian landscape. In the evening, during the grilled dinner you will have a possibility to share your emotions about such an adventurous day.

    9. Day 9

      Early in the morning, we start our way to Lviv, On our way we visit the renown Goshiv Monastery, known due to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Our next stop for today is the Museum of Boyko culture in Dolyna. Here you get acquainted with the traditions of these Highlanders who inhabit the Carpathian Mountains. Then we proceed to the town of Galych. Once a capital of Galicia –Volhyn kingdom,  it’s now just a small town at the Dnister banks. But Galych remembers that it was it that gave its name to the historic province and kingdom of Galicia, of which it was the capital until the early 14th century, when the seat of the local princes was moved to Lviv. Ancient  Halych witnessed  the reign of Yaroslav Osmomysl, king Danylo of  Halych, the Batu-Khan invasion, prolonged period under Polish kings, raids by Turks and the Golden Horde. One of the main historical monuments in the town is the beautiful church dedicated to the Nativity of Mary. You will visit the ruins of Galych castle and the museum of Karaite culture. The Crimean Karaites or Krymkaraylar is a unique ethnic group derived from Turkic-speaking adherents of Karaism, whose culture and way of life is close to the Tatars. Their creed is heresy of orthodox Judaism, based on the Old Testament. In the late afternoon, we come back to Lviv where we will enjoy a common farewell dinner.

    10. Day 10

      In this day our program comes to an end. Our bus takes you to the airport from which you will fly back home. You are sure to leave with unforgettable memories and the feeling, you have experienced something really special. You have spent in Ukraine an eventful, adventurous week and, we do believe, you have a strong wish to come here once more again. We always welcome you here!

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    Понравился тур, люблю интересные путешествия с приключениями. Очень запомнилась поездка в Чернобыль и величие киевских церквей.