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 Group size 10                                              Start   Kyiv

Countries     4                                              End   Kyiv

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The country combination presented here is certainly something unusual in the composition of the four border regions. Fist of all we visit Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv- is the brightest city that you will visit during this trip, but not only. Crossing the border, we finally arrive in southern Poland -“old Galicia”. Here we visit Krakow the metropolis of the region and a cultural pearl. After Poland we start our way to Slovakia through Beskids. Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia, is characterized by the variety of its geographic landscapes. And we explore its most important tourist sites. The last country which we met in this tour is Hungary and its beautiful capital – Budapest. The Hungarian capital on the banks of the Danube impresses you: beautiful architecture, cultural diversity and amazing atmosphere.
This tour will not let you be indifferent. Discover with us variety of four countries.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 12,5  x nights: 3 x Kyiv, 2 x Lviv, 2,5 Krakow, 2 x Košice, 2 x Budapest, 1 x Uzhorod.
  • All-route local English-speaking guide.
  • Meals: HB.
  • English-speaking tours: Kyiv-city tour, Lviv-city tour, Krakow-city tour, Bardejov-city tour, Košice-city tour, Budapest-city tour, Szekesfehervar-city tour, Uzhorod-city tour, Mukachevo-city tour.
  • Entrance  + guided tour:  all sacred buildings  according to the program, Kyiv  Pechersk Lavra, museum of Scythian treasures, Holodomor (Famine) victims memorial, Lviv Opera House, Lviv Lychakiv cemetery, Krakow Cloth Hall, Wavel Royal Castle in Krakow, Wieliczka salt mine and Chapel of St. King, Košice Urban Tower, Košice Neo-Baroque State Theatre, Budapest Vaydahunyad castle, Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest Royal Castle, Szekesfehervar Bory Castle, Uzhorod castle, Rakoczi family castle “Palanok” in Mukachevo.


What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Visa Fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Single Supplement
  • Any meals not mentioned
  • Any transfers not mentioned (e.g. first and last day)
  • Any expenses of a personal nature
  • Camera/video permits
  • Tips to the guide and driver
  1. Day 1 Arrival in Kyiv

    You are flying to Kyiv, the biggest city of Ukraine and the capital of the country. After usual for malities you will be warmly welcomed by our guide who will stand by your side during the whole trip. Our bus takes you to the hotel where you can relax after the flight or go on the initial walk in Kyiv city center. In the evening we meet for dinner.


  2. Day 2 The world greenest city

    Today the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv unveils for you its true identity. Situated on the banks of the Dnipro River, the city of Golden Domes is famous as one of the greenest cities in the world. During your stay here, you will get acquainted with its history and contemporary life, get to know new people and feel the special atmosphere of the city which throughout its whole history has fought for its freedom. The history of the capital of once the most powerful East European state, covers the period of 1500 years. During  our sightseeing  tour you will visit  Podil, one of the oldest  neighborhoods of Kyiv, the place  from which originated city’s trade, commerce  and the actual place where centuries ago three  brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv laid a foundation stone  of city of Golden Domes, see the government quarter, explore  numerous Kyiv churches and of course walk through Independence Square and Khreshchatyk – the main street of Kyiv.

  3. Day 3 Kyiv sacral life


    This  day we  visit the  absolute highlight  of Kyiv sacral life  – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra,  the part of UNESCO World Heritage List, which is also known as Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. The monastery complex dates back to 1051 and is preeminent center of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. On its territory is situated museum of Scythian treasures, where we will get acquainted with traditions of tribes which lived here centuries ago. In addition, we also touch upon the tragic part of the history of Ukraine. The memorial to the victims of Holodomor (Famine) in 1932-33, which is a tragic symbol of Soviet totalitarian regime, will open to you one of the pages of a tragic Ukrainian history. In  the evening, we will make an one-hour boat trip on the Dnipro River and admire the golden domes of the numerous Kyiv churches. After lunch you will enjoy your free time.

  4. Day 4 Cultural patchwork


    Early in the morning we head to Lviv by train. After accommodation in hotel we will get acquainted with this remarkable city in a proper way. Rarely can we find a place frozen in time. Lviv offers an opportunity to look back at its history with a lot of nationalities contributing to the development of the city. Discovering the city center on foot, you will get acquainted with the versatility of architectural styles implemented in historical churches and houses, visit the Armenian and the Jewish quarters and the famous Opera House. In the evening we gather for dinner.


  5. Day 5 City of thousand faces

    Yesterday you made your first acquaintances with Lviv and its city center. Today you will discover the other unique places in the old city and go on a bigger city tour. You will scramble up a hill to the High Castle wherefrom magnificent view opens over the city. You will also visit the St. George Cathedral – marvelous architectural ensemble,the interior of which strikes its visitors with its richness and diversity of iconography. Not only should you look around the city, but also feel its atmosphere with each single step, inhale it from the stones of old buildings, from the picturesque alleys inviting you to saunter around, from the shabby old-fashioned romantic benches in the park, spontaneous chess sets on the alley in front of the Opera House, in the atmosphere of numerous coffee houses. In the late afternoon, you will visit Lychakiv Cemetery and find out more about the distinguished personalities, who were writing the history of the city. After dinner we catch a train to Krakow.



  6. Day 6 The pearl on Vistula


    In the early morning we reach Krakow, the biggest city of western Galicia, often called the “Slavic Rome”. After breakfast, we have a sightseeing tour in the city. For Polish people Krakow  is the most  beautiful city  in their homeland  and the most important  cultural metropolis. Every  stone can share its history  here. Historical background, its  colorfulness and rousing music immerse  tourists into an unbelievable atmosphere. The whole old city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.  We look around the biggest medieval market square in Europe, Cloth Hall, the building of Jagiellonian University and Royal Castle with a cathedral on Wawel Hill wherefrom Polish kings had been ruling the country for five centuries. We also visit marvelous St. Mary’s Basilica with famous Krakow High Altar, carved from lime-wood and two uneven towers which symbolize this church. Every hour you can hear trumpet melodies, which stop abruptly to commemorate the guards, who were shot by arrows in attempt to warn the city of tartars attack.

  7. Day 7 The salty serpentine

    From Krakow we head for Wieliczka. Here you have an opportunity to visit famous salt mine which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with  the impressive Chapel of St. King, situated 101 meters underground. You will enjoy almost three kilometers of serpentine corridors, which are the most popular attraction for tourist, who are seeking adventurous time in Krakow region.  After having tasted the culinary delicacies served in the underground tavern, the elevator brings you back to the sun. We return to Krakow, where you will have the whole afternoon for yourselves. In the evening we gather for dinner.

  8. Day 8 Wooden churches and Beskids


    In the morning, we start our way to Slovakia. Our road lies through Beskids, wild Carpathians in the north-east of Slovakia with its thick forests that still preserve the original culture of local citizens. You can see here Catholic and Greek-Catholic  churches just next to Orthodox ones. In Lukov-Venecia, the former glass-blowers’ settlement, we visit more than 300 years old Cosmas and Damian’s church. In Krive we get charmed by one of the most beautiful wooden iconostases with icons of different epochs in St. Lucas’ church. Ornamental paintings in Hervartov are also impressive. Our next stop is Bardejov, which is known as „the most gothic city of Slovakia“. The city center has preserved domestic architecture and a lonely City Hall on a huge market square. The 12 gothic altars of St. Agidius’ church give us an insight into wooden craft of this time. In the evening, we reach Košice where we share dinner with traditional Slovak cuisine and stay there overnight.


  9. Day 9 The cultural capital of Europe

    Košice, the  second largest  city in Slovakia, is characterized by the  variety of its geographic landscapes. Along the main street we experience the life of city and explore its most important tourist sites. In the middle of the city is situated the Elizabeth’s Cathedral – indisputable dominant of 15th century, which was built in the East-Gothic style. Nowadays the cathedral is the biggest in Europe. We also see St. Michael’s Cathedral, Urban Tower and Neo- Baroque State Theatre. Not without reason, the city obtained the title of the cultural capital of Europe in 2013. After lunch you will enjoy your free time during which you will have a possibility to feel the city more closely.


  10. Day 10 The mysterious city of Budapest

    After breakfast we head towards Budapest, the largest city in Hungary and country’s cultural and political center, often  called the “Paris of East”. You will be inspired by its magnificent architecture, modern life style and old- fashioned charm, delicious cuisine and wines. After accommodation in hotel we will make a sightseeing tour which brings us to the most beautiful attractions in this remarkable city – Heroes’ Square, the City Park (Varosliget) with its Vaydahunyad castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Cathedral, where European royal families got married in the course of a few centuries, a monument to the Holy Trinity and the Royal Palace itself. In the evening, we meet for a dinner with traditional Hungarian cuisine during which we will enjoy folk performance.


  11. Day 11 The cradle of the Hungarian state


    Today  we visit  one of the  most ancient cities  – “the cradle of the Hungarian state” – Szekesfehervar.  While walking through the city center, we will immerse into Baroque atmosphere as many of the buildings were built during  this epoch. We will meditate in St. Stephen Cathedral where several of medieval kings were buried, visit St. Anna Chapel which enlivens Gothic style from 15th century. You will be also amazed by Bory Castle – fantastic structure built by the sculptor Jeno Bory in 20th century as a symbol of his eternal love for his wife. In the afternoon, we return to Budapest where you will have some free time to buy some souvenirs or just take a long quiet walk along the Danube River.


  12. Day 12 The city on the Uzh River

    Today  the bus  brings us  to Uzhgorod,  the biggest town  of the Transcarpathian  region, located in the triangle  area between Hungary, Slovakia and  Ukraine, often called “Ukrainian window  to Europe”. The city’s unique location and influence of many different cultures have made it definite destination on the tourist map. Uzhhorod alongside with Kyiv is also well- known for its greenery. Walking through city streets, you understand that Uzhhorod has its own, discrepant from Lviv and Kyiv, rhythm. You get a feeling of eternal peacefulness. It is no wonder that people here are mostly happy as no one is ever in a hurry. After accommodation in hotel we start our acquaintance with Uzhhorod. We visit the medieval castle standing on the bank of Uzh River which is Uzhhorod’s historical heart and its major sight. The castle was for some time the residence of Ferenc Rakoczi II, leader of the national-emancipatory movement of the Hungarian people against the Habsburgs, one of the most powerful royal houses of Europe.



  13. Day 13 The fortress of the Rakoczi family

    Today  we drive  from Uzhhorod  to Mukachevo. The  town of Mukachevo is  interspersed with its Hungarian  and Austrian past – the modern town hall in Market Square, the white residence of the Rakoczi family and St. Joseph chapel. The showcase foundation of the castle “Palanok” is a 68 meter high dormant volcano. It watches over the city lying below, wide open to all eyes and winds. The fortress dates back to the 13th century and for a long period of time belonged to the Rakoczi family. The castle boasts of 130 rooms that now function as museum premises. During our lunch we will enjoy traditional Lemkos cuisine. Lemkos are small ethnic sub-group inhabiting the Carpathian Mountains. In the evening, we return to Lviv and stay there overnight.


  14. Day 14 Departure day

    Well, our program comes to its end. In the early morning, we catch a train to Kyiv form where you will fly home. You take with you unforgettable impressions and the great feeling of having experienced something special. You have spent your time eventfully and learned about culture, traditions and nature of four different but yet so alike countries. We hope that we have managed to persuade you to come here once more in the future. We always welcome you here!

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We really loved our tour! We saw so many beautiful and interesting places we would never have thought to visit on our own.This company provided excellent service. It was a complex trip, but my travel company did an amazing job.